ESG Report 2021

Our customers have trusted us to power their lives for more than a century. Now we're transitioning to new technologies and energy sources that will help us continue to deliver reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible power for decades.

Every person and community we serve is bringing their time, skills, and passions to their lives. We're bringing the power that supports them on every step of their journey.

Read our full Environmental, Social, and Governance Report to learn how we're taking steps to support our customers today and in the future.

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Defining Sustainability

for Otter Tail Power Company

For us, sustainability is a balance of responsible, resourceful action across four key areas.

Energy and Technology

Diversity in our energy portfolio enables us to deliver reliable, low-cost electricity by staying up-to-date with changing market conditions. As we introduce new energy sources and technologies, our priority remains the same—meeting our customers' needs.


Energy requires natural resources. That's why we're putting our efforts into reducing our environmental impact across operations and helping customers use energy efficiently.


Our connection to the communities we serve goes beyond providing electricity. Whether it's through our Otter Tail Power Company Foundation or helping light up the holidays, we partner with our communities to create vibrant places for people to live.


We help customers power our local economies and create new opportunities. We're committed to achieving financial growth and success for our company and the rural communities we serve.

Sustainability Stories

Respecting the past, looking to the future

After 100 years of coal-fired energy generation, we retired Hoot Lake Plant in 2021. To replace the energy generated by Hoot Lake Plant, Merricourt Wind Energy Center and Astoria Station, a natural gas combustion turbine, fulfill customers’ energy needs, as will Hoot Lake Solar, schedule to be completed in 2023. Hoot Lake Solar will not only generate renewable energy but enable us to maintain reliable and economically viable energy for our customers in an evolving energy industry.

Learn more about the 100-year impact of our Hoot Lake site.

A commitment to conserving energy

Our commitment to a reliable and affordable energy future doesn't stop at the energy we generate. To help customers conserve energy and manage their electric bills, we’ve developed programs that provide education on new technologies, outlined rate information to help calculate operating costs, and encouraged participation in energy efficiency programs. Last year marked both our largest investment in energy conservation programming and some of our customers’ largest energy savings in our 30 years of partnership across Minnesota and South Dakota.

Learn more about our record-breaking customer energy savings.

Highlighting Progress

37% renewable energy

In 2021 our owned and contracted energy generation (not including MISO market purchases) was 37% renewable. We’re on our way to reaching our goal of 50% renewable by 2025.*

39% emissions reduction

We’ve reduced carbon emissions by 39% from 2005 levels and are prepared to hit our goal of a 50% reduction by 2025.*

65,000 homes

Merricourt Wind Energy Center produces enough energy to power 65,000 homes annually.

2.1 Billion Gallons of Water

Our recirculating cooling systems enable us to reuse 2.1 billion gallons of water each year.

65 million kWh

In 2021 our investments in customer energy efficiency programming helped Minnesota customers save 65 million kWh and South Dakota customers save a record-breaking 13 million kWh.


Tradition. Renewed.

Our customers have trusted us to power their lives for more than a century. Now we’re transitioning to new technologies and energy sources to help us deliver reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible power for decades to come. That's tradition renewed. 

Read our full ESG report to learn how we’re transitioning to new energy sources, protecting the environment, partnering for positive change, and delivering power for local communities to thrive. 

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