Customer Satisfaction

Relationship Survey

J.D. Power conducts our relationship survey using its Residential Electric Utility Customer Satisfaction study, which measures customer satisfaction by examining six factors: power quality and reliability, price, billing and payment, corporate citizenship, communications, and customer service. The survey reaches customers through third-party online panels.

J.D. Power compares our scores with utilities in its Midwest Midsize segment. In 2018 we ranked sixth out of 15 companies with an overall score of 733 on a 1,000-point scale. Our score was 10 points higher than the regional average and ranked us in the top three among peer utilities. This was the fourth year we participated in the survey.

 2018 J.D. Power Survey Results

Highest-rated Midwest Midsize Utilities in the comparison group


Otter Tail Power Company


Industry average


Transaction Survey

We conduct transaction surveys with customers who have contacted our company within a defined time period. The survey measures transaction-specific customer satisfaction and issue resolution. It targets all customer contacts—phone, web, mail, scheduled visits, and after-hours calls—and measures the specific aspects of service provided. In 2018 our customers were satisfied with their service experience, rating our overall quality of service at 92.4%.

2018 Transaction Survey Results

Overall contact experience satisfaction

(10-pt scale, 10 being highest)—Average


Overall Customer Service Representative handling satisfaction

(10-pt scale, 10 being highest)—Average


Concern resolved (Yes)


First-contact resolution (resolved in first contact)


Overall quality of service

(scores 4 and 5 on a 5-point scale)